For the past 63 summers, Islanders have been giving generously to Camp Jabberwocky.

These gifts have included:

  • free rides on the Flying Horses Carousel (for decades)
  • food donations and discounts from island grocers and food distributors
  • picnics hosted by island families
  • clamming adventures at lagoon pond
  • kayaking
  • cookouts
  • pool parties hosted at private homes
  • use of community facilities for Indoor basketball games, pool parties etc.
  • invitations to local resorts
  • an annual fishing derby and cook out

Islanders have also given generously by coming to facilitate and activity or teach a class during our morning class rotations on campus.

These activities and classes have included:

  • art
  • pottery
  • dance
  • movement
  • yoga
  • acting
  • cooking
  • flower arranging
  • felting

If there is gift you would like to offer, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at: