Where is camp?

Camp Jabberwocky is located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts. It is a about a mile from downtown Vineyard Haven.


What is the Campus like?

Camp’s cabins and buildings are built in amongst the trees on a wooded campus. There are paths meandering throughout that lead you to all 8 sleeping cabins, the directors cabin, the Main Cabin (where we eat meals together) the art and pottery cabins, the playing field, the yurt, and the “black top” where we play volleyball or shoot hoops.


How many campers attend?

At any given time, there are 30-35 campers at camp. Campers stay between one and four weeks. During the entire summer, there are about 120 campers attending camp.


What are the cabins like?

The cabins are all accessible via ramp, and sleep 6-8 people. The beds are bunk beds, with some cabins having free standing twin sized beds as well. They have lovely large bathrooms that include both a shower and a bathtub. There is also a large accessible outdoor shower attached to each cabin.


What is a typical day like?

While every day at camp brings many different experiences and opportunities for fun, there is a rough schedule and routine we often follow. The morning bell usually rings around 8:00AM and we eat at 8:30. After breakfast, the campers gather to sing or do yoga while most counselors straighten up the cabins. During morning classes, (classes can include art, writing, dance, sports, pottery and gardening, photography and many others) campers and counselors attend classes together in either a rotation, or attending specific classes that a camper has signed up for. After lunch we get ready to go to the beach. If the weather is not beach-like, we have a few activities we save for rainy afternoons. These activities can include, playing basketball at a local school’s gym, heading into town for some shopping and ice creaming, kite flying at our favorite hill that overlooks oak bluffs, and sometimes, it is simply so wet, that we have an afternoon of getting ready for studio night, where everyone makes up a skit or sings a song or performs a dance or tells a story on stage in the studio. (Think the best most supportive talent show you’ve ever been to – it’s way better than that!) Dinner is usually between 5:30 and 6:30 depending on the evening activity. Evening activities include concerts, at camp and around the community, trips to the Flying Horses, (a carousel in Oak Bluffs) drumming on the beach, cookouts, boat trips, walks to see the sunset, and any number of activities that we are invited to or make up ourselves – anything from golfing to an all camp game of capture the flag, to camp dances- even prom!


What ages do you serve?

We do not have age limits in either direction. We are a residential camp, so a child would need to be comfortable sleeping away from home. We do not have an upper limit when campers are asked to stop attending camp. We believe that camp plays an important role in the lives of adult campers and we allow them to stay into adulthood.


How will I know if my son or daughter is (or I am) the right fit for Jabberwocky?

The Jabberwocky community is at its best when everyone, counselors and campers alike, are striving to do the most they can. We seek to instill enthusiasm and spirit in everyone here, but it is important that those who come are open to this kind of experience. We don’t sit still at Jabberwocky and we encourage self expression. It is not unusual for this atmosphere to be overwhelming for some campers. Please keep this in mind before selecting Jabberwocky as your camp of choice. We have had positive experiences with almost all levels of disability, but we cannot promise overreaching accommodation at the expense of the community as a whole. We ask that campers be able to sleep through the night without waking others, that they be willing and able to live within, and enjoy, our adventurous community atmosphere. Just as we ask our counselors to be open to working with any camper, we ask that our campers be open to working with any counselor.


How many counselors attend?

We generally have a 1:1 ratio of camper to counselor. Depending on the campers needs, this ratio may fluctuate somewhat.


What is the tuition?

We ask that you pay what you think you can afford. Even though our staff volunteers its time and many services are donated, our expenses exceed $1,500 per week per camper. However, no camper will be denied time at camp because of an inability to pay.


Is it possible to attend for less than the entire month long session?

Although each camp session is about a month long, most campers do not stay the entire month. Many campers stay for one or two weeks. New campers always stay for a shorter time. We do our best to accommodate everyone who wants to return to camp, while having space to welcome new campers when we can.


Should I bring my electric wheelchair?

Because of the active nature of camp, the space restrictions, and frequent trips to the beach, we ask that campers leave electric wheelchairs at home. Please bring your human powered chair. We’ve got plenty of pushing and lifting capability at Jabberwocky!


Can I visit my son or daughter at camp?

We generally discourage parental visits until the last day when you pick up your son or daughter. This helps foster independence and also ensures the parents a much deserved break. Many parents find this time to themselves to be quite valuable. Remember, Jabberwocky is for you too! The Jabberwocky blog is a great way to keep up with your so or daughter’s activities at camp. Please note that we are unable to offer overnight accommodations to parents, family members or friends at any time.


How do we apply?

Regretfully, we are unable to accommodate all the people who wish to attend Jabberwocky. We do try to make room for new campers each summer. If, after reading the materials on this site, you believe that you or your relative would be a good match for the programs at Jabberwocky, please complete a pre-application form found on this website. Thank you!