Do I get paid?

No everyone is a volunteer but we do provide a travel stipend if you you need it and commit to volunteering 2 weeks or more weeks.

What are the sleeping arrangements like?

There are 10 cabins at camp that sleep from 8-10 people in bunk beds. Each cabin has a bathroom with an indoor and outdoor shower, with an outdoor shower attached in the back.

Do you have any time to yourself?

Camp Jabberwocky is a fun and challenging place for everyone in the community.  Counselors are expected to put themselves second to campers and camp as a whole, which helps for it to run smoothly and it gives campers an unforgettable summer experience.  That being said, counselors are given about 1-2 “nights off” where they may leave camp starting at dinner time until midnight.  In the past, counselors usually do not want to leave for a night because it is so much fun!  

What is the most important thing to pack?

A bathing suit and your positive attitude!

** Do not bring towels or sheets/linens if you want them to return home with you at the end of the summer!

What can I do to prepare?

Get some sleep! Days at camp are booked solid with fun and challenging activities so feeling fresh and energized when you arrive would be very helpful.

What will my responsibilities be?

Camp is the sum of all its parts! It is a strong community of people who work together, take initiative and have a lot of fun in the process.  A counselor’s biggest and most important responsibility are the campers and their daily care.  Each counselor is also assigned a chore that usually occurs once a day such as: cleaning bathrooms, making lunch, mopping the main cabin floors, dishes, laundry, setting tables, clearing tables and more.  Counselors and campers teach the morning classes so bring your special talent and teach us all about it!

What does a day at Jabberwocky look like?

Days vary at camp depending on the activities, but a typical week day might look like this:

7:15: wake up!

8:00: Breakfast (sometimes hot, sometimes cold)

9:00 Music

10:00: Period #1 (A variety of classes are provided such as art, pottery, sports, kayaking, horseback riding, trips, poetry, computers, yoga, meditation… anything YOU want to teach!)

11:00 Period #2

12:00: Wash hands!

12:15: Lunch

2:00 Load the bus for the BEACH!

5/5:30: Showers

6/:6:30: Dinner

7/7:30 Evening Activity (Variety of things like getting ice cream downtown, MV Sharks Baseball games, band concerts, studio night, performance by the Vineyard Sound, Prom, cookout/drumming on the beach, night kayaking, fishing trip on the Skipper, challenge night and so much more!)