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A Unique Summer Camp
For People with Disabilities

Camp Jabberwocky, founded by Helen Lamb in 1953, is a summer camp for children and adults with disabilities, including cerebral palsy, down syndrome, spina bifida and autism.

This past summer Camp Jabberwocky celebrated its 63rd year. As campers traded their home lives for bug spray and bathing suits, more then 150 volunteers gathered at the ferry to enthusiastically welcome more than 100 campers throughout the summer to another amazing season at camp.

This past summer not only marked the 63rd year of Camp Jabberwocky, it also represents 63 years of dedicated Service as all of our counselors and directors are volunteers who come back to camp year after year. In addition it marks 63 years of remarkable Friendships, as many of our campers have been sleeping in the same cabin, in the same bunk bed, with the same friends since they were kids. Lastly it marks 63 years of Adventure as we push our campers to challenge themselves in every way during their summer experience.